A general word or maybe two on Sicily:

April 24, 2015: This large island off the southwest part of Italy is a travel gem– for hospitality to history and over all variety of sights. When’s the last time you’ve ever walked in a crater on Europe’s only active volcano? (you can still feel the heat coming from the ground). So much to see and do and eat, with a variety of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables as well as a collection of sea food caught fresh everyday. And the vino– little know of the island but some of the best in the world. Anything grown on the slopes of the volcano (Mt Etna) is even better thanks to the minerals from hundreds of years of volcanic ash and rock.

When dining, order the local house wine– usually under $5 for a large carafe. Eating in Sicily is an art and the Italians here some of the best food artists in the world. Not a lot of English spoken here, but who cares!!!