Gogo Inflight WiFi Goes Berserk with Higher Price!

August 30, 2015: Gogo, the self proclaimed leader in providing in flight WiFi for passenger aircraft has taken some big steps recently to increase prices — from around $10 or $12 a flight to more than $50 on some routes! WOW!

They claim the business traveler, who lives most weekdays on his travel expense account, doesn’t care what the cost is just as long as he can pass the expense on to his employer. They also price based on routes — longerthe flight the higher the prices. And their other response to higher prices is “they only have so much capacity available at any time” so you “pay to play” or be online.

They do have options for a day pass for around $16 and a monthly pass for $50 — the catch is you need to book and buy these in advance of your flight. Some of Gogo’s competitors feel that around $9 a flight is good — and some airlines still offer the service for free. The Curmudgeon says “just add it into the cost of my ticket” — well that is once you lower ticket prices and give us back some of the ticket tax money no longer being collected by the federal government — as well as money you all are saving on much lower fuel costs these days!!!