Italian Airports

April 25, 2015: Prepare yourself for a grand cluster of the TC’s favorite term “something akin to a goat rope.” ( more on the TC’s “don’t leave home without it travel terms and definitions” later).

Mass confusion and mayhem– signage is ok if you can read Italian. The locals pay no attention to lines and queues- ticket and gate agents are indifferent and haven’t learned eye contact– well unless you’re male and scoping up an attractive female.

Gum chewing agents as well¬†as female agents behind the counters applying make up are part of the check-in process and in many cases you can’t check in for a flight until two hours prior. If your traveling on one of the European budget carriers like Ryanair or “not so Easy Easy Jet” it gets worse- the TC says pay the extra dollar to upgrade to what we would call “business class” to reserve a seat, check a bag for free, fast track security and pre-board through the front cabin door. On board service is fairly non-existent and the safety message highlights what you need to do in the unlikely event a flight attendant screams “brace!”

These carriers mostly operate out of smaller secondary airports or smaller terminals at larger airports. Budget air in Europe is a city bus with wings!!!