April 22, 2015: If you’re looking for a great out of the way destination that’s safe, reasonably priced, with great food, and 2,000+ years of well preserved history, then hop over to Malta. Yes, it’s a small island country, about two hours by high speed ferry from the southern most tip of Sicily– yes that’s an island too that Italy claims– and served by many air carriers including the local Air Malta.

As one Canadian told the TC recently, “Malta is stuffed with jewels of history, easy to¬†get around via clean safe public transit and offers every accommodation from super budget to high end butler service to your room.”

You can take the island “Fun Bus” and experience the entire island in about 8 hours depending on how many on and off stops you take– don’t miss the fishing village and the Blue Grotto!

Keep away from the local wines– way too sweet for the TC and looks for vino from Italy, especially Sicily, or France. Very little English spoken– the TC just points or adds an “O” to the words and all seems to work out. Tips are appreciated but not necessary!!!!11150966_918879181467222_1413815276229088869_n