Qatar Airways Takes Off and Nowhere to Land? Italy says “GO HOME-YOU CAN’T LAND HERE!”

Something even more extreme happened to a large number of passengers on two separate Qatar Airways flights bound for Italy: restrictions changed while the passengers were on their way to the country, and they were forced to turn around once they had landed. Qatar Airways flights to Milan and Rome carried 152 passengers from Dhaka, Bangladesh on Wednesday. While they were in transit, Italy imposed restrictions on entry from Bangladesh based on increasing confirmed COVID-19 infections there. Qatar Airways flight QR131 from Doha to Rome returned 3 hours later back to Doha with 112 Bangladeshis on board, while flight QR127 from Doha to Milan returned carrying 40 of its passengers from Bangladesh. Other passengers who had arrived on those flights are being required to self-quarantine for 14 days as a precaution.