Global Entry Program Open and Moving!!!

The US Customs and Border Protection Bureau has filed a new regulation for comment that proposes to raise the cost of Global Entry from $100 to $120. It would also change the cost of SENTRI (US-Mexico crossings) to $120, and indicates they’ll be separately filing to raise the NEXUS fee to $120 as well.

Along with this price increase comes two positive changes:

Expanding Global Entry to immigration pre-clearance facilities and certain U.S. territories (or at least make the rules consistent with practice)

Making applications free for children under 18 if they either file with their parents, or their parents are already approved.

Global Entry provides for expedited immigration and customs processing for people who have gone through screening, fingerprinting and an interview, and includes TSA PreCheck airport security. I’ve been in the program since early 2013. Here’s all the ways you risk losing access.

There are 16 locations across 6 countries where you clear immigration and customers before flying to the U.S. and those should eventually be added as Global Entry locations: Dublin and Shannon (Ireland); Aruba; Freeport and Nassau (Bahamas); Bermuda; Abu Dhabi; Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Victoria, and Winnipeg (Canada). Many have Global Entry now and CBP wants to make that legal.

(Thanks Gary for keeping us all up on ever-changing travel do’s and don’ts)