Watch Out for Restroom Cameras When You Fly?

Yes — it really can happen, and has recently on a United flight from San Diego to Houston. Female passenger noticed a video camera in the jets first class bathroom, but the passenger who installed the camera shot video of himself first. the FBI is now “talking” with him (seems they also found other bathroom flight videos on his camera).  Be watchful when you travel — especially of small blinking lights when using the aircraft restroom!!!

FAA Says Pitbulls OK to Fly

The FAA now says that, with proper paperwork (medical, etc.), Pit Bulls are ok to travel as emotional support animals — but bans of emotional support snakes are still in place meaning they aren’t coming on the plane with you.  Most experts agree that the pet emotional support flying program has gotten way out of hand and is really only a “ploy” by passengers to avoid paying fees for traveling with Fido and other assorted critters!

Look for record air travel crowds this fall and holidays

… And for fares to increase.  Nearly 3 million people a day took to flight over last month’s 4-day Labor Day weekend — and more to come for fall travel and upcoming holidays.  

Major carriers like American, Southwest and United are fighting capacity and scheduling issues with now long term 737 Max flight safety issues — that have forced capacity cut backs and blocked deliveries — and some route cancellations.  And all this with record setting revenue — maybe less is good for airlines — especially if they can sneak in price increases?