Want to Buy Your Own Airline Seat or Even a Food Cart?

February 7, 2019: Well you can — and much more (just about anything found on a passenger plane) — just get yourself to Atlanta for Delta’s monthly “Garage Sale.” Seats, silverware, slippers, and even casserole dishes can be yours — and all with Delta ID or logo. Some sales regulars have even furnished their homes with hundreds of Delta “hand me downs” …….2 slightly used First Class seats recently sold for $300.  I guess this is all a way to “stay close” to your favorite airline?

Something New to See in New York

February 4, 2019: Next visit to the Big Apple, stop by 220 Central Park South — thats the location for what is now the country’s most expensive new Penthouse — the buyer paid a record $238 million dollars for a 4-level living space atop a new 79 story building — the owner recently spent over $500 million dollars in acquiring some new art for his new part time home! Wonder if Uber Eats delivers that high up???

Flying Cars Taking Off?

January 30, 2019: Both Boeing and Airbus are investing big $$$ in the development and testing for flying cars — both to carry passengers and parcels! Estimates are this could eventually be a $3 Trillion industry — with ride share giant Uber investing with Boeing for a “flying taxi!” Uber seems to have trouble navigating ride share on the ground — not sure how safe flying with them would be????

New Hot Spot for Bugs and Germs When You Travel

September 24, 2018: Airport security is in place to protect you — but might also make you sick? Where are the most germs looking for you at the airport — the heavily used and reused plastic trays used to collect laptops, shoes, coats, handbags, what ever as you pass through security check points — WORLDWIDE!  These trays are “supposedly” scheduled for steam cleaning several times a year — but who’s keeping track? More than half of the luggage trays checked were found to have some type of virus — more than airport toilet seats.