Worldwide – Airlines Forecast Losing $ONE HUNDRED BILLION in 2020!!!

Could be if COVID doesn’t take a back seat fairly soon, that’s the current financial outlook. Already 34 airlines have gone out of business with many more “on the ropes” — in the US, United, Delta, American and Southwest currently have over 1,000 planes out of service and parked around the country. Many, like older inefficient 737’s and 757’s, won’t ever fly the “friendly” US skies again … worldwide, the number of planes taken out of service the next couple of years could easily add a 1000++ to the total.

Looks like Boarding Passes Might be a Collector’s Item?

TSA says we don’t need to see your boarding pass — facial recognition will take its place — and most likely at check in and boarding ticket counters.  Some may feel it’s a violation or privacy and if that’s the way you feel then you’ll be grounded. And, most likely only ticketed passengers will be allowed into airports, including the “dreaded” bagage claim areas. YUP says the TC!!!  Lets keep the “riff and raft” out!!

Is Virgin Atlantic Gone?

Maybe — the once high-flying Branson airline filed for bankruptcy protection and hopes to “reorganize” high debt and keep flying! One of the best airlines for service and customer care, Virgin is in a tough battle for survival — a TC favorite, Virgin makes travel fun+comfortable and has the BEST business class of any carrier currently flying.  How nice to say something nice about an airline!!!


Boeing’s 2020 MAX cancellations near 400 in July

Boeing Co lost another 43 orders for its grounded 737 MAX planes in July, bringing the total cancellations for the jet this year to 398, while delivering only four of its other aircraft to customers, monthly numbers showed on Tuesday. Based on a tighter accounting standard, Boeing said order cancellations now stand at 857 for the MAX, whose recertification is still hanging in the balance more than a year after its worldwide grounding due to two fatal crashes.

OOPS! We’re Heading off the Runway into the Mud! Eastern Air Takes a Mud Bath on Landing???

An Eastern Airlines repatriation flight from New York to Guyana ended up getting stuck in the mud at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport just shortly after landing. Passengers safely made their way to a “mud bath” upon hitting the ground — maybe pilot error bringing the Boeing 767 to a normal safe landing??? The TC suggests avoiding Eastern Air until they figure out how to land!!!