New Hot Spot for Bugs and Germs When You Travel

September 24, 2018: Airport security is in place to protect you — but might also make you sick? Where are the most germs looking for you at the airport — the heavily used and reused plastic trays used to collect laptops, shoes, coats, handbags, what ever as you pass through security check points — WORLDWIDE!  These trays are “supposedly” scheduled for steam cleaning several times a year — but who’s keeping track? More than half of the luggage trays checked were found to have some type of virus — more than airport toilet seats.

Home Sharing Goes Upscale

June 8, 2018: The TC most unfavorite room booking service, Airbnb, has added a new upscale category to its booking services — Airbnb Plus — that features more “stylish homes” that have actually been “verified” (or so they say) by their inspectors. Prices start on the low end at $250 per night and go up — and can include everything from Wi-Fi to upscale linens. For an additional cost you can even have a private driver.  The TC would rather stay in an upscale hotel that has access to everything — even room service!!!