Cockroaches Invade Travel Everywhere!

Don’t be shocked or surprised if you run into more cockroaches when you travel — planes, hotels, attractions, restaurants(for sure) even rental cars. Worldwide, these creepy creatures are evolving immunities to the poisons we use to control them — especially in Europe!  Beware — look carefully when you travel — up, down, all around!!!

Marriott Accused of Deceiving Guests?!

Finally, Marriott has been caught — it’s called “drip pricing” — when a guest makes a reservation, the total price quoted does not include “mandatory” resort fees (another easy way to make money on guests) and can add a $100 or more to each nights stay! Doesn’t matter if you use anything included in the mandatory fee or not, YOU PAY. The fee can include an amenity of some type (bathroom soap) or even a destination service fee. Don’t finalize the booking until you are made aware of the real daily and total costs.  About time Marriott stopped this don’t you think???

Skinny Dipping at Hearst Castle?

Well not really — you do have to wear a bathing suit — but officials are going to let a limited number of visitors swim in the iconic Hearst Castle’s outdoor Neptune Pool or elaborate indoor Roman Pool.  There are only a few dates available and a swim will set you back around $1500 — sign up quickly as only a few dates are available for the remainder of 2019.  Dip your toes — and other body parts — where celebrity guests (most recently Lady Gaga) have for years!!!

New Scandal Hits Italy?

Italian authorities are on the look out for fake Parmesan cheese — they say they are defending Italy’s important “national interests” as fake Parmesan has come into Italy from as far away as the Ukraine. Italians do take their cheese seriously — including the dimensions of the final product.  Parmesan lovers beware!!!

Drone Delivery for Big Mac

McDonalds is partnering with Uber to test drone delivery for some of their more popular dining menu — with limited testing first in San Diego. McDonalds workers load the meal into a drone, it takes off, and stops at an Uber Eats driver who hand delivers the meal to the final destination. McDonalds says the new service will greatly decrease food delivery times ….not sure how this will fly?

Flashy Mobile Wine Popups Coming Our Way

In an effort to offset declining wine sales in the US, retailers and wineries are introducing “mobile wine tasting” stops at high traffic airports and outdoor locations — including fleets of trendy Airstream trailers that can move quickly — in doors or out — to where ever a short term use permit can be in place. Look for California to lead the way as wine from the the Golden State grabs over 60% of the US market! Wine “to go or on the go” …. the way to go?