Airline Fares Head Up for Summer Travel

Expect to pay more for airline travel in the coming months. Airlines are taking advantage of high travel demand to increase fares as much as 10% or more for summer travel — most putting the cost increase on rising fuel costs.  Yes, some fuel cost increases but with travel demand high the sky’s the limit for ticket pricing!!!

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Expedia Users Beware

Booking a hotel on Expedia? Use caution and compare prices with other sites — some users are saying that the online site is taking some extra incentive $$$$$’s from big hotel groups to favor their properties — and not always offering the best price! Shop around — and call your hotel of choice directly — sometimes even a better price or deal available with some extra effort!!!

Disneyland’s new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Comes with a lot of Restrictions

For the first few months, Disneyland’s new 14 acre Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will come with lots of guest restrictions — like the need for advance reservations, no fast pass reservations AND guests will be limited to MAXIMUM 4 HOUR VISIT. Disney hotel guests will be granted special treatment with the ability to book advance Star Wars Land reservations — opening is slated for Memorial Day weekend. Remember though, not the entire new Star Wars Land will not be finished — cool your jets — maybe best to wait a couple of months before venturing into outer space???

Showbiz for Airbnb?

Airbnb —well known in the travel lodging biz for really starting the guest home rental business (with over 39 million users in 2018) — is going into the movie production business and maybe even buy a few movie theaters in high profile cities. And look for Marriott to add on to it’s variety of lodging chains with the addition of home rentals — both Marriott and Airbnb are looking to establish partnerships with airlines!!!

Ice Cream High in California?

The quiet northern California hamlet of Mendocino, with long standing status as the country’s major marijuana producing region, is also scoring some “high points” for its ice cream flavors. How about Campari grapefruit sorbet, yellow cake batter and mushroom — as well as chai.  Could be the high point for your trip???

Google Takes to the Air with Wings?

A Google company has become the first drone operator to receive government approval as an airline — a key step that gives them the authority to begin dropping products to customers. It’s the same certification that smaller airlines receive from the FAA and Transportation Department to operate.  Watch for “Air Google’s” Wings air dropping in  around a neighborhood near you!!!

Time to Lighten Your Load with Drop Off Luggage

Finding yourself in a big city with extra time to explore but luggage dragging along? Well check out the new StoreMe app that offers the chance to drop off luggage in 5 US cities for an hourly or daily rate. And watch for a group called Luggage Hero to come on line that will offer the same service to international cities. Some locations even offer bike storage!!! Rates are hourly or by the day.