Big Pilot Layoffs Onboard for Airline Pilots?

Gonna be a rough landing for thousands of airlines pilots in the coming months — with reduced flights, its looking like thousands of airline pilots will be laid off or terminated in the next 3 months. Southwest is asking over 1,000 of their pilots to take a long furlough with some paid benefits —with Delta planning on off-loading nearly 3,000 pilots!! It costs “aspiring” pilots over $100,000 to train to become an airline pilot — not including college costs if you include that as most do. The “Friendly Skies” aren’t so friendly anymore!!!

Really Dumb Move by Indonesian Air Carrier

GARUDA Indonesian Air Lines takes away the Travel Curmudgeon “stupid” award for the month with its new directive banning flight attendants from wear face masks — because customers complained about not being able to see their flight attendants faces? Face masks are gone and replaced by full face shields — uncomfortable and bulky to wear — as well as especially dangerous during inflight emergencies. Garuda needs to “face up” to using face masks — forget about how it looks but why it works!!!

Congress Introduces Bill to Incentivize Domestic Travel … maybe

The short story on this is — a bill will be presented from an Arizona congresswomen to provide an incentive for Americans to get back “in the travel saddle” — by offering tax deductions for assorted travel expenses like lodging, transportation and meals — hopefully targeted at “restarting” revenue for the much down and out travel industry — details on the bill, if it passes, to follow!!!

Commercial airplane landing behind waving flag

Reports from the field, a TC Highway Contributor shares tips from the road.

This new TC travel contributor recently loaded up for a National Lampoons-style road trip to Yellowstone. “This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy …” ran through our minds over 2,000+ miles, while our family of four, complete with camping gear and food supplies to eliminate all touch points beyond the handle of the gas pump, rolled through seven western states in 10 days. 
Can you make it halfway across the country without encountering COVID? The jury is still out on this group, but we’ve been home for nearly a week and thankfully have no symptoms. 

First tip for a summer 2020 road trip: Pick up a 5-gallon water jug. We found a couple on amazon before we left for $20-30, and you’ll get that back from not buying cases of water with unknown levels of contamination from previous package handling on your trip. Just make sure your big water jug has a spigot. (Water is heavy!!!) 

More to come from our family road trip experience. Remember: It’s the journey, not the destination, so get out there!!! (But wear a mask, and for goodness sakes, wash your hands.)

American and JetBlue Announce Partnership — is this Good News or Bad News for Travelers?

The TC says “BAD NEWS” — Not a good fit! Looks like once high flying Jet Blue now partnering with “low flying” American AirWays (used to be referred to as “Airways” before they grew up) and now, no doubt, Jet Blue will become a One World partner offering their customers sky high frequent flyer mile seats on American and other One World airline pals. American should concentrate on their “young” partnership with Alaska — a much better airline and “cleaner” frequent flyer buddy.

Looks like plenty of room on Jet Blue now!

Look for These Two Big Changes at US Airports:

  1.  No one will be allowed into a US airport unless they have a reservation and can display a ticket and or boarding pass.  This already works well in many international airports and keeps terminal traffic — including baggage claim riff raft traffic — out. 
  2. Facial ID technology will become part of both airline and airport screening — along with other screening changes like temperature checks and boarding changes — all for staff and traveler safety and all adding time on to airport visits!!!
DENVER, COLORADO – MARCH 12: A traveler wears a mask as she goes through the security line at Denver International Airport on March 12, 2020 in Denver, Colorado. Despite fears of the spread of the Covid-19 people are still flying while taking precautions like using masks, cleansing hand wipes and hand sanitizers to protect themselves. (Photo by Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post)

Delta gets COVID and Reports HUGE LOSS of $43Million a Day!!

Delta Air Lines has just become the first major US airline to report its second quarter earnings, and goodness is it rough… as you’d expect.

In this post:

  • Delta Air Lines reports $7 billion loss
  • Delta’s second quarter cash burn
  • Delta saw a 93% drop in passengers
  • Delta had over $2 billion in write-downs from partners
  • Delta reveals more fleet retirement plans

(TC post information thanks to “One Mile At A Time” daily industry newsletter from The Points Guy)