Need help using your frequent flyer miles?

Each year, using hard earned frequent flyer miles becomes harder, more complicated and with more and more restrictions.  Take a look at a site called AWARD HACKER — and, the TC says take the time to call airline for help — many times you can uncover some great opportunities by doing this — it just takes some time.  Make your calls as late at night as you can — when business is slow for most airline reservations centers and agents have more time to “explore” with you.   Happy Travels!!!

How about renting your car from a guy named Turo?

A new rental car trend starting in California is renting a car from an individual owner instead of going through a normal car rental agency.  Turo, based in San Francisco — where the trend is starting — will act as the middle man between a private car owner and potential renter.  How about trying a new Tesla Model 3 for $110 a day?  One car owner, with an electronic tracking system on his Porsche, was able to track his car hitting speeds of nearly 200 mph — ok, maybe this isn’t such a good idea for car owners?

Looking for something new and different? How about going on a Bald Eagle Count?

Definitely for the winter outdoor adventurer, check out the program offered this winter in western Canada. You’ll cover about 40 miles with 20 land and water location stops.  In 1994 spotters counted nearly 3,800 eagles with the count declining to a little over 400 in 2016.  This year the count is projected at 1000+.  The Squamish area of British Columbia is where you’ll want head if your interested!!!

Look for the Posh-Tel Travel Category to emerge in 2020.

That’s the name for the new very-very-ultra-upscale travel segment that will officially debut in 2020. Initially targeted to upscale “don’t matter what we pay” hotel category, the trend may then extend to air travel, cruise ships and private tours.  AirBnB might be the first mass market lodging bookers to go after this new ultra high price market — hopefully they’ll still be room for us budget $$$ minded travelers???

Things that can get you banned from …

… Renting a car:
– Leaving a loaded gun in the car when you turn it in
– Multiple smoking offenses
– Disputing car damages (even if you’re right you might still be given thumbs down the next time you try and rent)

… Flying:
– Being fresh with a flight attendant, even talking back or disputing their authority; and don’t try and hit a flight attendant or trash the inside of a plane. 
– Even a simple misunderstanding can get you onto the airlines “no fly” list. Be nice now!!!

Don’t be surprised …

… if in the coming months traveling from the US to ANY international destination requires your airline to take your picture before allowing you on a flight — the new program, quietly being tested at airports around the country — is part of Homeland Security’s beefed up efforts to enhance US and international security — look good and smile please!!!