Winged Critters take over Vegas?

Hot summertime Las Vegas has been invaded — but not by tourists! Thousands of grasshoppers have moved onto the popular Vegas strip —the most popular destination is the Luxor Hotel and it’s 30 story high pyramid.  Bug experts say the critters could linger for weeks and can even be seen from planes flying overhead.  The “hoppers” don’t bit and don’t sting — one Vegas church called the invasion “the work of devils.”

Brits Fine Unruly Passenger over $100,000!

On a flight from the UK to Turkey, the British say a passenger, “displayed a catalogue of aggressive, abusive and dangerous behavior,” including attempting to open cabin door during the flight. The flight had to return to Britain and land with an escort of fighter jets from the Royal Air Force. Oh, and the passenger has been “banned for life” from flying BA!!!  

Man Uses His Head to Smuggle Cocaine Through Airport Security

Police noticed a man had a large gray lump wrapped in cellophane set on top of his bald head with a really bad small toupee trying to cover the package. He added a poorly placed small hat on top of the precariously placed package — and was quite nervous when going through airport security — all in all, the traveler didn’t seem to be using his head well with this try???

Live on a Private Island for Less Than a House in LA

If you want to live 12 miles off the coast of Belize, $465,000 gets you a small home in Hopkins Village on this small Belize Island of about 40,000 — and you get your own boat dock as well as solar energy set up with back up generator.  The medium price of a home these days in Los Angeles is around $665,000 — maybe it’s time to move and enjoy lazy island life???

Hailing a … Helicopter? Uber now offers On-Demand Service

Need a quick lift to the airport or other city location — Uber’s new Aerial Ride Division — may be just the ticket. The new service, called UberCOPTER, started this summer in New York and serves the city to JFK — and the ride takes less than 30 minutes. Costs vary from $300 and up — look for other large US cities to be airborne with UberCOPTER in the coming months.  Neat way to grab a quick Lyft!!!