Virus Related US Airline Bailout?

Maybe — with most US airlines looking at initially cutting ALL services — domestic and international by more than 30 %  — the federal government is considering letting the airlines keep the government and airport fees included with every ticket sale — and maybe some of the taxes on tickets too — could be a substantial amount (or gift)… as taxes and fees can add up to 20% or more for the average air travel ticket. With the first part of the year normally being a very slow travel time, many carriers could make more $$$’s by not flying!!!

Travel Foodies Pay Attention

Most popular fast food item enjoyed when traveling  — a Subway sandwich. The worldwide chain now sells over 5,300 subs a MINUTE (oh I think I have indigestion).

Second in world wide popularity is the Big Mac, followed closely by Mac Fries! Other filling items travelers like include Cheerios, Cheetos and Pop Tarts — and for stay at home folks, most popular eating item: Kraft Mac and Cheese!  Lots of non healthy choices for all!!!

Disney Does it Again! Raises prices and breaks $200/day tickets!!!

In keeping with its tradition of annual Park admission increases, the Magic Kingdom has once again raised prices with some — depending on time of the year — tickets exceeding $200 per day per guest! The pricing is part of a somewhat complicated pricing format that takes in time of the year and park options — including digital max passes for rides. No doubt some of the price increases will go to help support the Park’s billion dollar investment in their new Star Wars Land — somewhat disappointing so far attendance wise — as well as corporate bottom lines. Watch for another price increase this summer when Disney’s California Park opens their new Marvel Comics land and attractions. Pricing “over the moon” maybe?

Getting a Real ID in California is going to be a problem.

Come this October, flyers around the US must have a Real ID — usually part of your drivers license — to board a flight — unless you have a passport as that will also serve as a Real ID.  The problem in California is very few folks have accomplished the time consuming task that must be completed through the Department of Motor Vehicles — meaning an in-person visit either with a drivers license renewal or to get the new drivers license that includes the Real ID designation.  Only 25% of those eligible (about 27 million plus are eligible) have done this so far. To obtain the ID, you have to show up in person at a DMV office and have at least 3 forms of identification to prove who you are — and all must match with your full correct name. In some cases you can make an appointment — usually about 4 months out — or show up in person and wait — usually an hour or more more more! The law — part of Homeland Security’s effort to maximize air travel safety — has been on the books for several years with the October pending deadline…..don’t delay, do it now now now!!!

American flying planes over water without life rafts?

American has been caught flying plans from DFW to Cancun without life rafts. These are older A321 planes that came from their purchase some years ago of US Air — these jets flying to and from Cancun “hug land” instead of flying over any water — so “technically” I guess they don’t need life rafts?  The flight takes about half an hour longer and burns way more fuel.  Is this a safety issue the FAA should be concerned with?

Catch the cruise ship wave now?

Now is the time to “cut the best deal” for a cruise later this year — cruise industry calls the first part of the year their “Wave Season” and it’s when they offer the best deals on cruises throughout 2020. And don’t be shy, negotiate and even better price once you have one to work with. Good time to catch the big cruise ship wave discounts!!!