Los Angeles tourism expected to draw 22 million fewer visitors, $13 billion less in spending due to pandemic

Once one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations, Los Angeles is expected to draw about 22 million fewer visitors this year and lose more than $13 billion in tourist spending because of the coronavirus outbreak.

A forecast commissioned by the Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board estimates that Los Angeles County will draw about 29 million tourists this year, down from a pre-outbreak forecast of about 51 million. Instead of $25 billion in spending on hotels, meals, tour buses and souvenirs, tourists will spend less than $12 billion, the report said.

Tourism board Chairman Ernest Wooden Jr. called the numbers “pretty devastating” and predicted that a full recovery for the county could take as long as three and a half years.

Homeless Taking Over Ritz Carlton in Los Angeles?

California has created a substantial budget and effort to house the state’s homeless folks in hotels during the COVID crisis — move folks off the streets into short-term comfortable housing.  The Ritz Carlton-Los Angeles isn’t happy about the program as along with hotel rooms they also have a top floor with long term resident apartments —each priced from $1 to $4 million dollars.  LA figures the city deserves the room help because they gave the Ritz numerous tax benefits to build the hotel — but maybe not a good place to mix these “diverse” lifestyles???

Airline Refunds — SHOW ME THE MONEY??

If the COVID mess has taken its toll on your travel plans involving airline tickets — if you’ve canceled and are due a refund — ask for the cash back and not a travel voucher. Vouchers have all kinds of use conditions and time limits — if you push hard, airlines by law, have to refund you in cash, and most hopefully, if playing fair, without any fees or cancelation costs. Be persistent and if needed, “pushy” like the TC … it will pay off!!!

Tickets to paradise on earth

Ready for your Summer Cruise Adventure?

As you can well imagine, the cruise industry is gonna have a tough time recovering from COVID-19 — after all, many think they’re the ones who really brought the early virus impact on board into the USA. Looks like one major cruising player (one of the large multi-brand lines) is going to offer prices as low as $29 per day for 5-7 day trips to get travelers back onboard. But, be prepared for health checks prior to departure as well as daily while cruising — and maybe “tossed off” if you sneeze or cough!
The TC says be safe and “cruise in your bath tub for the next year or so” … stay safe and healthy — shelter yourself somewhere away from cruising — even a super low price might be very expensive!!!!

Not a Normal Friday at SFO

Yup — this was the scene at San Francisco International Airport the morning of Friday, May 8. Looks like the flying public and airlines have abandoned SFO?  Over 57 million passengers a year pass through SFO — that equates to 460,000 airport operations (in and outbound flights) a year — last year over 4 million travelers made their way through SFO. The flying business has no where to go but up up and away!!!

Careful Flying United Post-COVID-19?

Yup — better be real healthy if you plan to fly with United anytime soon as they plan to check your health before letting you on a plane. You’ll be questioned when checking in and at some point before getting on the plane they plan to take your temperature — and them maybe once again during the flight. God help you if you cough or wheeze during flight time!!!