June 18, 2015: Overwhelming as the ocean water shoots through under water holes in the ancient rock formations along the Cayman coast to reappear as multiple water jet sprays. And it’s all free for those visitors who brave the drive to the tip of the Islands east end.


June 18, 2015: Grand Cayman’s legendary ocean show and “must visit “attraction” ….. Blow Hole.

Located on the ocean edge along the desolate Cayman east side, the Blow Hole water show attracts visits from thousands of island tourists every year. The Travel Curmudgeon makes the mandatory visitor center and gift shop stop before heading across the road to view this highly acclaimed phenomena.11249235_946611128694027_2798802580090192683_n

TRAVEL STUMPER QUESTION: Welcome to the new silk way?

June 10, 2015: Well the TC was stumped a few days ago when he saw an advertisement for an airline called “Air Astana”.

The airline has been flying since the early 2000’s and has a very modern young fleet from the newest wide body jets to smaller commuter aircraft, over 4000 employees and service to 60 domestic and international locations.

So — who is this? Air Astana is the official flag carrier for Kazakhstan — now all we need to do is find out were in the world Kazakhstan is?


June 9, 2015: Looking for something different—maybe outlandish—for the upcoming summer yachting season?

Check out this selection highlighted from a recent edition of the Robb Report. Most owners likely won’t be towing these home to annoy their neighbors with off-street parking and at least fuel prices are still down when you motor in for a fill up. Many of these high tech floating ego craft are built overseas and no doubt are owned by the super wealthy and members of the OPEC club. Anchors away!!

10 Mind-Blowing Superyacht Concepts for the Seas of Tomorrow [SLIDESHOW]

Uphill fun with the Santa Barbara 100 event.

June 7, 2015: Check out what Outside Magazine highlights as one of the top cycle routes and events in the country—the Santa Barbara 100. Take off those training wheels and enjoy the great California outdoors and some spectacular scenery. The TC feels some adventure travel programs these days try to be trendy—usually expensive and require travel to some mysterious destination without running water or gin and tonics—but this one tops the list as one worth experiencing.