Travel Curmudgeon Hits Historic Milestone Sharing 500 Stories
Modern Day Travel Guru Shares Death Defining Adventures, Non-Fake News, and Traveler Edification

ANYWHERE, Earth – April 9, 2018 – The Travel Curmudgeon (TC), a legendary anonymous traveler with worldwide recognition from the oilrigs of Galveston to the sinking streets of Venice, announced the significant milestone of sharing more than 500 stories, experiences, and advice to thousands of fans in just three years.

The Curmudgeon has already shared stories from the well-beaten path to obscure destinations while gathering an impressive social following with thousands of fans worldwide. He tells it like it is in a full frontal and curmudgeony tone that only he can deliver.

The Travel Curmudgeon gained early fame through timely travel insight covering hard-hitting topics like fee-crazy airlines, and bed-bug friendly hotels, but only began sharing his experiences of the trials and tribulations of cold airline coffee and Airbnb bedroom cameras with an international audience online in 2015. Prior to blogging, the Curmudgeon provided commentary for PBS and radio in which he reported on the wildlife and natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands, dined in Beijing at the Great Hall and interviewed Sesame Street’s Big Bird!

While the official three-year anniversary of the Travel Curmudgeon blog was April Fools’ Day, make no mistake – all of these impressive achievements are, in fact, a reality all made possible through the fan support and fast-growing following, as much as the unsupportive airline customer support and lackluster hotel and wait staff that provide the Curmudgeon with endless material.

As the Curmudgeon looks toward the future, he will continue to provide hard-hitting, controversial content from the road as he follows Oprah on the campaign trail, goes undercover at a Moscow-based Facebook hacking center, and finally catches the long-awaited Southwest flight to Hawaii (though he’s still not sure when that day might come).

The Travel Curmudgeon can be found on his website,, or his social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, spreading travel tips, and good humored fun to an ever growing fan base.

 About the Travel Curmudgeon:
A former PBS and radio travel commentator, the Travel Curmudgeon has spent years documenting his misadventures in the perils of consumer travel. The Curmudgeon is a seasoned traveler with more than 3 million air miles, who has touched down in more than 150 airports across six different continents. Prior to commentary, his professional career included executive management positions and representation of leading hotel-lodging groups, major transportation groups and consulting assignments with international and government entities involved in travel services – giving him a unique insider-perspective. His journeys, travel experiences, and commentary on the state of the travel industry can be found on his blog at

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Travel Curmudgeon Celebrates 100-Year Anniversary As World’s Most Influential Travel Blogger

Modern Day Travel Guru Recommends Maintaining a Sense of Humor at Home and Abroad

 ANYWHERE, Earth – April 1, 2016 – The Travel Curmudgeon (TC), a legendary anonymous travel blogger and podcaster who’s mission is to uncover the jewels and gems of the road offers some advice this April Fools Day: Maintain a sense of humor when traveling!

For the past hundred years, the Travel Curmudgeon has been driving timely travel insight through gruff and pragmatic topics like fee-crazy airlines, and less than quality hotel service, as well as wondrous destinations like Malta and Grand Cayman.

From the well-beaten path to the obscure destination, the Curmudgeon tells it like it is in a full frontal and curmudgeony tone that only he can deliver. (Really, he’s the only one that can do it. Anybody else would get arrested and/or deported.)

In 100 years, the Curmudgeon has earned his share of compliments from fellow travelers like Rick Steves and Anthony Bourdain, as well as world leaders like Donald Trump and Raul Castro.

“The Travel Curmudgeon is the best travel blogger there is. He’s a close personal friend, and I think he’s great. His travel blog is just the best, and everyone who’s ever traveled loves it. Everybody loves him, and he’s the best,” said Travel Curmudgeon fan and sometimes friend Donald Trump. “Of course, if I had a travel blog, mine would be the best, but I don’t yet, so his is the best. I’ll probably buy it someday. And he has really big hands.”

“It’s an honor to work alongside such a prominent and controversial figure in the travel community,” said fellow travel entertainer, Rick Steves. “While I was busy promoting my brand and increasing my profits at a recent event, the Travel Curmudgeon came in and provided my audience with much needed travel guidance from the cheap seats – I can’t thank him enough for that.”

“Now that President Obama has agreed to loosen the restrictions on Cuba, I hope to have the Curmudgeon visit the great cities of Havana and Trinidad,” said Cuban President, Raul Castro.

The Curmudgeon brings years of travel experience as a commentator, a consumer and industry-insider that shape his unique and controversial perspective on travel. Prior to blogging, the Curmudgeon provided commentary for PBS and radio in which he reported on the wildlife and natural wonders of the Galapagos Islands, viewed a hidden German submarine refueling base in South America, dined in Beijing at the Great Hall, interviewed a pilot and co-pilot of a 747-400 in its cockpit somewhere over and above the south pacific, and interviewed Sesame Street’s Big Bird!

April Fools! Though the Curmudgeon is not turning 100 years old – despite what those closest to him may argue – he is celebrating the first year of his blog since its launch on April 1, 2015. And though these commendations are nothing more than jokes (please don’t sue the Curmudgeon, Mr. Trump, no matter how much you would like to), the Curmudgeon plans to continue providing quality and humorous content to his growing fan base for another year and more.

For his second year, the Travel Curmudgeon will be opening himself up to speaking engagements to share in person (under cloak and mask) his personal favorite features and travel tricks. With more than 150 blog posts and a blossoming social media following, the Travel Curmudgeon is sure to draw crowds from Healdsburg to Havana.

The Travel Curmudgeon can be found on his website,, or his social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, spreading travel tips, and good humored fun to an ever growing fan base.

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Travel Curmudgeon Exposes Injustices of American Travel
The Travel Curmudgeon Develops Loyal Following
With Brutal Commentary, Horror Stories and Humorous Accounts

Anywhere, Earth – April 13, 2015 – Move over Rick Steves and Anthony Bourdain—there’s a new name associated with traveling the world discovering culture and cuisine. This mystery man spends his time immersing himself in the backwards culture and practices of American and world travelers, trying their exotic cuisine that consists of cold coffee, stale pretzels and dry Cinnabons. Armed with only a smart phone, a little black book and a number-two pencil to document his misadventures, this man devotes his days and nights discovering and denouncing the perils of consumer travel.

This former PBS travel commentator is known only as “The Travel Curmudgeon,” and while his actions are invoking jeers from travel industry executives around the globe, he has developed a following and a bond with the common traveler. From the top of a floating oil rig museum in Galveston, Texas, to the back alleyways and canals of Venice, California, The Travel Curmudgeon sees, smells and navigates the world, sharing some of his best – and all of his worst – experiences with those hopeful travelers still deciding where they should travel, to those poor travelers waiting in line at the airport.

“Whether you travel once a year or once a week, either by plane, train, bus or camel, you need to be aware of the pitfalls of travel, as well as what you can do to avoid these pitfalls,” says the Travel Curmudgeon, who remains anonymous where ever he goes. “I believe that I have a responsibility to educate you with my observations of travel scams, as well as occasional travel gems that you need to know about.”

Though he might seem an unlikely hero, the Travel Curmudgeon is well qualified for his calling as a travel-consumer advocate. The Curmudgeon travels thousands of miles a year throughout the United States and the world, experiencing the best and worst of airlines, airports, hotels, rental cars, cruise ships and restaurants, to name just a few of his likely targets.

The Travel Curmudgeon is the only person in the United States who is not only telling people about the difficulties he’s had while traveling, but also encouraging his audience to share their experiences. Don’t let his title fool you—he might not be the most pleasant man to spend a five-hour flight with, but he always reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of travel.

Some of the Travel Curmudgeon’s most revealing reports include singling out Delta Air Lines as consistently having the worst baggage delivery and American Airlines as having the worst coach-class coffee with comments such as, “on a good day, bring a book and be prepared to wait,” and “American has cornered the market on the world’s worst coffee beans.”

In addition to airlines, the Curmudgeon has also shared both positive and negative feelings toward major travel locations. He has singled out New York City as the most improved U.S. city for travelers, while denouncing San Francisco and Seattle as the least friendly and most expensive U.S. cities for tourists. His current pick for best travel dollar value and most friendly all around city is Austin, Texas. “They say “y’all” in Austin and you’re treated like a friend,” says the Curmudgeon.

“Travel should be fun, and travelers should never be taken advantage of,” says the Travel Curmudgeon. “Consumers need to be better educated so they can stand up for their travel rights—after all, they’re the ones paying for it!”

The Travel Curmudgeon has launched a full social media campaign to reach out to a growing audience, and provide his followers with the ability to share their own stories as well. As an anonymous world traveler, he may be on the other side of the globe, or right next to you in coach, and you would never know. He might not be an easy man to locate, but you can easily find him on his website,, or his social media pages on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, leaving clues as to where he’s been and where he’s going along the way.

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