Summer Festivals You Won’t Want to Miss!

  • UFO Festival – Roswell, New Mexico: June 30 – July 2.
  • Wisconsin State Cow Chip Throw – Prairie, Wisconsin: September 1-2.  
  • Avon heritage Duct Tape Festival – Avon, Ohio: June 15-17.
    (Avon is the “self-proclaimed” Duct Tape Capitol of the world!!!  Bring your own duct tape please!)
  • Humongous Fungus Fest – Crystal Falls, Michigan: August 25-26.
    (Founded in 1921, One of the world’s largest living organisms is a 440-ton honey mushroom that covers over 173 acres. Events include a mushroom forage and cook-off. And taste of mushroom ice cream too!!!  

Not a Happy Return for Passengers.

Passengers on a recent Air New Zealand flight flew half-way from Auckland to New York … only to have the plane make a “U-turn” back to Auckland because of a terminal closure art JFK Airport. After flying 16 hours to go nowhere passengers were reportedly BOILING with annoyance and anger! Wonder if the passengers at least got milage credits for the flight???

Unclaimed Baggage Museum debuts in Scottsboro, Alabama

The new Unclaimed Baggage Museum in Scottsboro, Alabama, now officially opened to the public, features more than 70 of the most intriguing and extraordinary objects that Unclaimed Baggage has uncovered when unpacking lost luggage throughout its more than 50-year existence, such as a violin from 1772, a 1980s Hermes necklace, a basketball signed by Michael Jordan and musical instruments from around the world.

Ahoy Miriam Payne!

Who spent 59 days at sea alone rowing from the Canary Islands to Antigua — (the world’s roughest row) and broke the solo women’s record for her accomplishment! For nearly two months she rowed for 15 plus hours a day — some days facing strong winds and rough waters — that’s some accomplishment!!!