No regrets here!

A mother shared to TikTok the story of borrowing money so that she and her husband could go on vacation with their baby – flying business class. She says they’ve taken out two loans in a year in order to travel “and don’t regret it at all.”

They’re doing this because they feel like they’ll regret not traveling when they’re young, and because flying business class will motivate them.

No Vodka on this flight?!

A woman trying to fly from Dallas Fort Worth on American Airlines was barred from boarding because she appeared drunk after a couple of vodka tonics. She assaulted the gate agents. And she wasn’t even a leisure traveler – she was on a business trip with a colleague. And she even admitted to throwing back the drinks.

No Vaping on Board!

A Delta Air Lines passenger was kicked off a flight prior to departure for vaping. She was doing it right out in the open, in full view of passengers and crew. And from her interactions when confronted, she doesn’t sound sober either. Video of the incident was viewed over 17 million times in the first day that it was posted online.


How to get booted off a plane

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