Dr. Pepper shakes up Texas??

Fast food restaurants, led by WHATABURGER, are really “shaking” diners up in Texas with new Dr. Pepper shakes — a combination of Dr. Pepper added to a vanilla shake. Dr. Pepper, once thought to be nothing more than carbonated prune juice, has been around for a long time, with some orders adding chocolate syrup to the mix. Will the “Pepper Wave” spread beyond Texas? We’ll see!!!  

New visitor record for Disneyland?

Yup, a new “world record” from a Disneyland Park fan who visited the Park 2995 days in a row! It took him 8 years, 3 months, 13 days, several pairs of shoes … and a yearly investment in a Disneyland annual pass!!! Fortunately for the record holder he was unemployed most of the record setting time and had the financial resources to support this accomplishment. Hi Ho Hi Ho — with the Park’s new annual pass requirements and advance reservation programs this record may stand for some time!!!

Man falls through ceiling of Tampa baggage claim?

It’s proper baggage claim etiquette to avoid crowding the around the carousel and provide enough space for others to grab their bags while you wait for yours to arrive. With everyone in a hurry these days though, this isn’t always the case as people tend to shove themselves right to the front — or in rare cases at Tampa Airport, in the ceiling directly above it. Just be careful not to fall through like this guy!