Comeback for Supersonic Air travel?

Developers are pitching US airlines financial options for helping pay for the development of a new “supersonic” passenger plane that will cut flying time from London to New York to 3.5 hours and LA to Sydney in half to less than 8 hours. The new aircraft, offering around 65 seats, will fly at 1,300 mph — no estimates on development costs or travel fares. Hold on!!!

Inflight gambling?

Maybe! US airlines are exploring adding inflight gambling to their inflight entertainment options — with use fees and partnerships as a much-needed revenue resource to offset huge pandemic and current operations revenue loss — maybe even adding frequent flyer miles as a BIG incentive to “roll the dice”!!!

New Disney Park prices head up, up and even more up, reaching new highs!

Another big price jump for Disney Park visits (CALIFORNIA PARKS) — can cost your as much as $179 for a one day one park visit. Prices are based on guest visit projections (Disney is very good at that) and less popular days could have less expensive ticket price options. Be flexible when you Park visit shop — Disney Parks — still a good experience – just somewhat more expensive!!!

Best ever cruise travel bargain??

ALASKA — the once “thriving” Alaska cruise market is way, way down — maybe Covid Blues? So if you want to travel on a cruise ship and are looking for a real deal — maybe even more than 50% of regular prices — check out an Alaska cruise and don’t be “shy” if you plan to book. Lots of additional benefits and discounts just for the asking (like land tours – cabin upgrades & VIP services) AHOY and away!!!

European airport chaos this Fall continues!

Expect “airport chaos” in Europe through the fall. Lots of passenger in and out bound traffic, airports and airlines short on staff and any delays, and long lines will force even more problems. Most major European destination airports are trying to limit airport landings and take offs to help — but may be too late … would seem lots of “pent up” travel and everyone wants to GO NOW!!! 

Alaska’s Customer Service Flies Higher

Alaska Airlines, the Curmudgeon’s top choice when it comes to customer service, continues to impress, inviting their OneWorld members to their first Flyer’s Forum — an online event bringing Alaska executives and customers together for company updates, new member benefits and a Q&A session. The rest of the airlines should take notes!