Priority Air Delivery

A baby was born on a VietJet flight from Taipei to Bangkok. The boy was delivered by one of the pilots after learning that a passenger had gone into labor in the lavatory. Medical personnel met the aircraft on arrival. The pilot noted, “He will be able to tell everyone for the rest of his life that he was born in the air,” he said of the newborn baby boy.” The crew gave the baby the nickname “Sky.”


After nine years of tremendous growth providing nearly 1,500 groundbreaking truth telling travel news stories to the masses, the privileged have taken notice. I’ve received offers from all of the airlines, IHG, Expedia, Airbnb, and the media elite all trying to take over my site, manipulate your travel itineraries, control our news, and stop the truth from reaching your feed, but I won’t budge. Marco Polo knew it, Christopher Columbus knew it, and even Elon knows it. Travel is priceless!!! No matter how the travel tycoons try to price us out, I’ll continue to provide independent travel industry coverage that you deserve … at least until the day I board a Boeing 737! #aprilfools #fakenews

Airline Passenger’s crappy day

An airline passenger’s wife and two toddlers were waiting for him to return to his seat. She began to wonder what happened after five minutes. After ten minutes, their four year old became impatient for daddy. She overheard a flight attendant talking about a passenger being “stuck in the potty.” He was stuck for 35 minutes until the pilot had to rescue him.

Leave A Tip For Housekeeping

Hotels have been on a mission to cut back on housekeeping costs. They don’t want to do full cleans of every room every day. They’ll make you request it (and sometimes fill out paperwork) so that there are fewer rooms to clean, and they can hire fewer housekeepers who don’t work as many hours. And Hotels are pushing tips for housekeepers so they don’t have to pay the housekeeper as much.