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Malta: Small Island Paradise Not To Be Missed

Malta is small — actually 3 separate islands — best way to see the main island is the Big Red Hop On and Off Bus — listen carefully for the drivers description of Malta!

Almost at the upper end of Lake Como, on the west side, is the lakeside town of Dongo. Most have never heard of Dongo but this small Lakeside location and people have important in World War II history as this is where Benito Mussolini, “Duce,” was captured trying to escape Italy to Germany through neighboring Switzerland. Mussolini, and his girlfriend were found hiding in the back of a troop transport truck by the Italian Resistance — not only did they shoot and kill him but then hung him upside in the town square before sending his body off to Milan and Rome. The old town hall and square are now the home of the Mussolini Museum and this short audio clip tells the Museum story.

I sit down with winemaker and founder of Vignalta Winery, Lucio Gomiero, in the Colli Euganei (Euganean Hills for English speakers) just outside of Padova, as we discuss his long-time career making some of the finest wine in Italy.


On the first ever Travel Curmudgeon Podcast, I sit down with Chef Lino Capitano of the Villa Ducale Hotel in Taormina, Sicily, Italy as we discuss his experience delivering a slice of the finest food and wine Sicily has to offer.