Naked Passenger Strolls Through Fort Lauderdale Airport, Wants To Get Screened By TSA

Earlier this month, a naked man strolled through the Fort Lauderdale airport and proceeded up to TSA security screening.

This should be the easiest security screening of the week: no shoes to remove, no pockets to empty, and he’s obviously not concealing hidden water anywhere. I’m not sure though if he just wants to avoid a pat down, or he’s actually hoping for one.


American Airlines’ motto of, “Caring for Passengers on Life’s Journey,” apparently draws a hard line on “life” when a passenger was denied bringing her mother’s ashes aboard the plane when overhead bin space was limited. Gate agents began yelling at her to check her — highly personal item — and even threatened to have her arrested when she began filming the interaction.

Chase Expects to Pass American Express to become the third largest travel agency?

Chase travel had $8 billion in sales in 2022 with 40% growth in number of customers purchasing travel through their portal. They have had public goals to hit $10 billion in sales in 2024 and $15 billion in sales by 2025. Chase Travel believes they’ll pass American Express and become the third largest travel agency behind Expedia and within two years. Last year they were less than 8% behind.