Hawaii service used to be so glamorous, United Airlines offered its own onboard Residence

Hawaii service used to be something special. That isn’t really true anymore. It was an exciting development when Southwest Airlines added the state to its route map, especially for holders of the Companion Pass (designated companion flies for just the taxes whether you’re paying for your ticket with points or cash). But the product is standard Southwest — no meals or seat power — and the journey relatively long.

But did you know that Untied Airlines used to offer its own version of the modern Etihad Residence — a private stateroom on their Hawaii flights 70 years ago?

Americans in the Dark

American Airlines sent a redeye flight from Los Angeles to New York on February 2 without working electrical systems. There was only emergency lighting in the cabin. Flight attendants couldn’t prepare food in the galley of the cross country flight, and business and first class seats didn’t have power so could not recline. Toilets did not flush.

New Award Search Lets You Find The Best Mileage Seats To Anywhere, Across A Month At A Time

Point.Me Travel Award Search makes it easier! Explore feature may catch on with other award hunters????

All of a sudden Point.me has improved what they’re offering to let you search more than one date and even more than one destination at once using their new ‘Explore’ feature.

25 Years In The Sky: Confessions of a Flight Attendant’s Unfiltered Secrets

A 25-year flight attendant did a Reddit Ask Me Anything and shared how many times they catch passengers trying to join the mile high club (“I average about once a year”), how often passengers try to sneak a cigarette in the lavatory (“about once a week”) and how often their fellow crew hook up with each other and passengers.