Some new “Wonder” for meal delivery services…

Check out a new meal delivery service from WONDER, a new meal delivery service from celebrity chefs (like Bobby Fay and Jonathan Waxman and others). They say the food doesn’t arrive “soggy or cold” like other meal delivery services — that’s because the meals, partially cooked in a central kitchen, get finished off at your curb with high tech cooking equipment, placed inside a new purple and grey Mercedes van. Cost should not matter as “you’d be the talk” of the neighborhood and new friends and  neighbors lined up to sample your leftovers???

Cannabis Touring is HOT!

Yup — the cannabis industry is looking to attract more traffic to retail locations and educational “experiences” like visiting product retail “tasting rooms.” California’s Mendocino County (part of the well-known Emerald Triangle) has started to promote the industry as part of area travel packages —check out the Bohemian Chemist for a visit as well as the areas popular outdoor recreation!!!

Airline baggage connections are a mess…

Especially if your travels involve departure or connection at an international location. Delta recently flew a wide body plane from London to the USA with NO PASSENGERS — but full in the belly and passenger seating areas with hundreds of misconnected bags!!! Domestic flights are somewhat better BUT still have hundreds of bags daily that miss flights — hope for the best but be prepared to launch your own “baggage search and rescue” plan!!!