Will Congress get rid of Add-on Fees?

Maybe — the President has asked congress to pass legislation that eliminates all add-on fees, especially for travel — including the much abused resort fee and extra fee airlines charge for families traveling and sitting together. The fee elimination would also target fees added on to concert and movie tickets as well as other entertainment and recreation activities. Let’s hope this passes through government channels quickly and fees fly away!!! 

If your flight is canceled, the free hotel might not be your best option!

If you’re trying to avoid standing in crowded lines to get placed in a rundown hotel by your airline, you have options! If you have a credit card with trip delay coverage, book your own room and save your receipts. If not, skip the customer service counter and head to the baggage office and ask about distressed passenger rates for hotels. Otherwise, you might want to use your points — often paired with great deals from airline contracts. Thanks Gary!