Be Careful Sharing Frequent Flyer Miles

November 29, 2018: It sounds good — you get a chance to help family and friends with free or reduced travel by sharing some of your frequent flyer miles — but beware of the pitfalls and extra fees (flat rate up to $30 and a per mile surcharge) and pay attention to really fine print. One recent United transaction — transfer of 25,000 miles cost the “giver” over $400. Might be less expensive to just offer to the buy the ticket!

Airport Meals Going Healthy?

November 20, 2018: US Airport food service operators say — yes, well, maybe? Some travelers are demanding lighter healthier meal options — both to eat at the airport or take on planes. And they want more than just a juice bar — including foods that are vegan, low carb, low calorie and low sodium.  One of the most popular healthy meal options at Dallas/Ft Worth airport is a spring lettuce mix on a whole wheat bun — hopefully selling for less than $10?

Mickey Turns 90 — and Cranks Up Billion-Dollar Marketing Campaign

November 19, 2018: Disney is using Mickey’s 90th birthday this fall to headline a massive marketing “worldwide” advertising promotion and merchandising campaign to let the world know — and of course sell Mickey and Disney merchandise including car size Mickey Birthday cupcakes and a Mickey collectors item book that’s so big and heavy it comes with a carrying case! The Disney worldwide park collection attracted 150 MILLION visitors last year and the famous Mouse has more than 14.3 million followers on Facebook. Gotta be the “world’s biggest Mouse party!”