It’s the law … Families with young kids must fly together.

Yup — don’t let your airline tell you otherwise, but families with young kids (12 and under) have the “legal right” to fly together and not be separated.  All thanks to the revised Airline Reauthorization Act passed by Congress in 2016, with many updated rules, aircraft safety and travel requirements.  One US airline recently placed a 2 year old in a seat several rows behind mom to sit with strangers — and thats a big “NO NO”!!!  Check with the FAA web site for current travelers rights information.

You like KFC? You’ll love this!

OK, this isn’t really travel information — but important if you’re a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  The chicken folks, by overwhelming popular demand, have brought back their unique branded fire place log designed to create a “warm fried chicken-scented fire” in your fireplace.  They launched the unique log in 2018 and the chain sold out their entire inventory in 3 hours.  This year the logs are also on sale at Walmart for $18.99 for a limited time — gotta love KFC and their holiday spirit… err scent anyway!!!

UAL Misplaces Kansas City Chiefs Equipment?

Yup — the Kansas City Chief’s charter flight from KC to Boston arrived on time in Boston  with the teams luggage and equipment — but not all was  off-loaded. The flight and much of the Chief’s equipment went on to Newark. UAL was able to find the misplaced NFL and player equipment and get it back to Boston — arriving only an hour before their game with the Patriots.  Chiefs went on to win — just goes to show, no matter who you are, some times checked luggage and associated “stuff” is a gamble to arrive with you.  

Ever wonder how much $$$$ Airlines make on flights?

Here’s a couple of examples: Every American Airline flight from Dallas to London brings in $173,000 in profit to the airline. One of American’s most popular and heavily traveled routes, DFW to LAX, generates more than $328 million dollars a year to the American bottom line.  And Qantas 6-times-a-week service from DFW to Australia brings in $628,000 weekly — and that adds up to $428 MILLION A YEAR for the airline.

Looks like the airlines have figured out how to charge passengers enough to make themselves a nice profit on almost every flight — as well as provide less service and smaller seats!  Go figure?