Best US Cities to be Quarantined in??

There’s a new analysis from Zippia of the best cities in the U.S. to be quarantined in. It takes into account average apartment size (very important), prevalence of high speed internet (crucial), amount of park land (so you can get out and still social distance), and number of takeout food options (which says nothing about variety or quality).

Here’s the top 10 they came up with:

Drive-In movies are back?

The virus pandemic has prompted the return of once popular drive in movies — with the newest location in Berkeley,California, where for $25 a carload of locals can hang out in the parking-lot of the Graduate Hotel and watch old and new flicks — currently playing is the new Pixar hit “Onward” … grab and your date or your kids (or both) … and find a location near you!!!  What fun!!!!

American Airlines did WHAT?

On March 24, American Airlines reportedly forced passengers to sit next to each other even though their flight was virtually empty, with only 11 passengers, all in basic economy according to a report by Mother Jones. Although there were plenty of seats, none were moved because “that would be an upgrade,” according to a flight attendant on the plane, who did not give their name.  American Airlines told Business Insider it could not confirm or deny the account without a specific flight number.

Real ID might be on the back burner for a year?

Yup, serval states have asked the federal government to postpone the struggling airline travel Read ID program until sometime in 2021 — the program was set to start in October of this year — and under 30% of the US population has successfully received their new id cards — confusing requirements in many states as well as most state DMV offices closed, the extension does seem to make sense!!!

Travel Industry Jobs Sinking?

It’s not a pretty picture for the once booming travel industry. It’s looking like 4.9 million travel industry jobs will be gone by the end of April and nearly 6 million jobs eliminated by the end of the year. Looking more and more like governments, in an effort to bail out airlines, might also become their “financial big brother” and partner … ???