Drones to Attack London’s Heathrow

… Maybe. According to the environmental activist group, Extinction Rebellion, who plan to launch numerous drones in the flight paths of planes landing and taking off from Heathrow — they do plan to give travelers advance warning so they can make other plans. If it happens it will most likely be during these heavy summer travel months …. hopefully British authorities can bring this effort down before it starts????

Date Night with a Dog?

Yes … take your favorite hound and head for Plano, Texas, for the first movie theater in the country to welcome your pet to join you in the theater and enjoy both pet friendly features, modern hits and even some classics. And don’t miss a stop at the refreshment counter where you can pick up special doggie treats for your date.  What a “howl” the evening will be!!!

Get Your Rave On with New Mickey Mouse Show for the Summer?

As part of this years events honoring the 90th birthdays of Mickey and Minnie, Disneyland has launched a new evening ultra-high-tech parade called “Get Your Ears On.” The parade can be seen from locations around the park — folks are calling the new show a laser-blasting dance party for young and old — and keep your eyes skyward for some really cool laser projections with “pop divas” dancing in the streets!!!

Red-White-and-Blue in the Air

The White House is not commenting on the rumor that President Trump has instructed staff to “dump” the current paint job on Air Force One and replace with bold red-white-and blue colors and have the official Presidential jet stand out more with the bold red-white and blue colors.  Guess he wants all to know he’s either coming or going??

San Francisco Offers World’s Highest Priced Coffee Fix?

Yup — figure around $75 for a cup — Klatch Coffee will tell you they are offering the world’s most expensive coffee at $75 a cup!  The pricey brew comes in over $800 per pound — it’s a rare Arabica from Panama that has a floral tea like flavor with “hints” of jasmine and berries. 10 pounds of beans will yield around 80 cups. Only 100 pounds were available and most of that went to China and Taiwan — sip slowly at that price!!!


Yup — government officials and locals alike in Venice are tired of the way many visitors dress (or don’t?) and are threatening to implement and ENFORCE a city wide dress code that for starters requires visitors to keep their shoes and shirts on — heavy fines, and even court appearances for some, are planned to support the new visitor dress code. Seems like a good move to the TC!!!