Really — Long Term Parking at SFO Drops?

Yup — from a whopping $25-per-day to $18 — with the opening of a new long term parking lot at SFO, they now have over 7,000 spaces available daily.  You can always find less expensive long term parking at off-airport locations that require shuttle service. Give yourself plenty of time at SFO as the airport is “perpetually” under construction!!!

Restrictions on US Travel to EU Coming!

By 2021, Americans traveling to many countries in Europe will have to “pre-register” online — and pay a fee — as part of a new security system intended to screen visa-free travelers. The new system is designed to strengthen security on folks traveling visa-free to more than two-dozen countries signed up for the program so far. It can all be accomplished online prior to travel with “patience” to navigate the system!!! And a credit card to pay the fee!!!

Where’s My Turtle?

Over 1,500 turtles were found recently in a bag left behind at the Manila Airport in the Philippines – the flight arrived from Hong Kong. In 2018, over 500 varieties of wildlife and endangered species (geckos and snakes being the most popular) were found making their way through this airport. Hopefully, none of the bags, including the turtles and coral snakes, were carry-on?

This is for the Birds!

Most popular new bird watching adventure — Falconry!  Really not considered a typical “birding” activity, Falconry goes back more than 4,000 years, and highlights can include their history, different hunting styles and flying capabilities.  Colorado and New Mexico seem to be areas where this trend is “taking off!”

Must Have Take Along Travel Item?

The “hottest” or maybe coolest take-along comfort travel item — your own colorful pillow cases!  When you think about, it makes good sense — something from home that offers comfort and something familiar for hotel stays or even inflight naps — most popular color is blue as well as ones with smilie faces (really?)!!!