Room with a view- and for cheap In Venice, Italy?

April 23, 2015: No, that’s not an oxymoron- Anyone who’s traveled to Venice knows how expensive rooms are- and the Travel Curmudgeon doesn’t stay in hostels anymore. If you only have a few days and want to save hundreds of dollars on lodging than stay in one of numerous hotels by Marco Polo International Aeroporto- numerous choices and less than $5.00 US for a short public bus ride (round trip) to Plaza Roma, the transportation hub for getting into Venice. And the ride affords the opportunity to see some of the picturesque surrounding countryside and mingle with locals.

The Curmudgeon’s recommendation is the Courtyard by Marriott Hotels– huge rooms that include a real shower large enough to accommodate all your in-laws at one time, plenty of desk space, lights, power outlets, and windows that open. Add in free internet that actually works throughout the property, a fitness room, good restaurant and lounge and friendly helpful staff — and they speak English which is hard to find in Venice!11169811_919191061436034_8919143175729447301_n


April 22, 2015: If you’re looking for a great out of the way destination that’s safe, reasonably priced, with great food, and 2,000+ years of well preserved history, then hop over to Malta. Yes, it’s a small island country, about two hours by high speed ferry from the southern most tip of Sicily– yes that’s an island too that Italy claims– and served by many air carriers including the local Air Malta.

As one Canadian told the TC recently, “Malta is stuffed with jewels of history, easy to get around via clean safe public transit and offers every accommodation from super budget to high end butler service to your room.”

You can take the island “Fun Bus” and experience the entire island in about 8 hours depending on how many on and off stops you take– don’t miss the fishing village and the Blue Grotto!

Keep away from the local wines– way too sweet for the TC and looks for vino from Italy, especially Sicily, or France. Very little English spoken– the TC just points or adds an “O” to the words and all seems to work out. Tips are appreciated but not necessary!!!!11150966_918879181467222_1413815276229088869_n

European Travel Deals

April 21, 2015: The summer travel gates have opened with all kinds of “deals and steals” for consumers, but the Travel Curmudgeon urges all to beware– if the deal seems too good, check the fine print and call to ask questions. In some cases the fine print service charges and add-on taxes will will double or triple the advertised deal price.

Best value prices for US travel to Europe and beyond this year will come from the international carriers not the US flag airlines. US carriers, because of the strong dollar against US currency, are actually cutting back service to Europe to maintain higher fares.

The TC’s best value for travel this season to Europe and beyond is Turkish Airlines– service is efficient and all flights go through Istanbul– and for a few extra dollars take a day or two enjoying the history, shopping and sights.