SpaceX will take you to the International Space Station!

Starting in the second half of 2021, the company AXIOM in partnership with SpaceX will start taking passengers — 3 at a time — to the international space station. NASA has authorized the addition of a “space destination module (a space hotel) to be added to the space station. The fee, with early booking discount — $55 million.  Only major requirement, once potential space tourists pass the physical, is “not to interfere with-the NASA crew doing their jobs!!!


Inside reports from Delta show the airline, at its low point, running at about 80,000 passengers a day — with that number “bouncing” back now to over 500,000 a day —right now there are some good deals with all US carriers to use frequent flyer miles and, if you look hard, low price ticket deals too.  TC’s advice — look late at night or early am for the best travel deals!!!


Starting September 1 — United is increasing international flights by 30% — that’s what!!!  The feeling is people are wanting to get away from home — visit family and find domestic and international locations where they can “socially distance” outdoors.  Now — if airfares stay the same — the UAL move could encourage other carriers to follow?  We’ll seeeeeee!!!

32 Million Cruise Passengers Sink?

That’s the current estimate from the worldwide cruise industry highlighting passenger loss this year — with most cruise operators completely stopped until late summer — and then on reduced schedules. Looking at prices for 2021 — yes there will be some deals, especially with the shorter low cost lines — but for now, expect top dollar for the upscale brands — with lots of early booking discounts, including free business class air.  Ahoy!

OOPS — Boeing Admits Current Fleet of 737’S Has Problems?

Forget Boeing’s problem-plagued 737 Max — the airline’s current world wide fleet of various 737 models, some part of the 2000 planes that have been grounded the past few months by reduced COVID travel — those now back flying are having some BIG issues — like engines just shutting down with no advance warning?  Most engine shutdowns have occurred on the ground during pre-flight run up or taxi — and can be traced to planes that were grounded for more than a month during reduced flying schedules.  Maybe some additional WD40 on these engines is needed?

American Dumping Flight Attendants?

YUP — looks like American, with cuts backs in service this year and forecast for 2021, will have more flight attendant layoffs on their flight plans. The airline currently has more the 40,000 flight attendants — about 20,000 more than they need to support upcoming reduced flight schedules — layoffs will be by furloughs or retirement — some attendant staff left — around 20,000 —might have as much as 35 years seniority and will only be able to hold “reserve status”! Don’t look for many smiles from flight attendants onboard AA flights in the coming months!!!

UAE Offers COVID Incentives For Travelers?

The “tiny” oil and natural gas filled United Arab Emirates says “WELCOME” to travelers from anywhere — and as an incentive that will pay your mandatory quarantine expenses — including hotels and food — for 7-14 days! It’s like “travel insurance plus” to get folks back to Abu Dhabi and Dubai for all that shopping, dining, desert camel rides and lounging on the beach — with summertime highs exceeding 120 degrees — but you can find shade at the pool or oceanside bars!!!